Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top 5 Prospects

Well with this season looking like a lost cause, I feel that we could look towards the future of the Brewers franchise. While the Brewers don't seem to have too many dominant pitcher at the high minor leagues, they do have some good pitchers in the lower levels. I have listed my top 5 Brewers prospects. I am not considering Brewers who are currently on the Major League roster (half the bullpen or Cain) or Brewers who are spent a good portion of any year on the roster (Gamel).

1. Brett Lawrie 2B AA - After a decent year last year, Lawrie has had a great year in AA. With him being one of the youngest players in AA at 20, you would expect that he would not quite be able to compete just yet. He is batting .288, and he has 25 steals in 34 chances. One area he could use a bit of improvement is his defense. He has 15 errors in 442 chances, good for a .966 percentage. This is not awful, but definitely could use some work. His peak is an All-Star player, but maybe not at 2B.

2. Jake Odorizzi SP A - The 20 year old Odorizzi is pitching well in A this season. His ERA at that level is 3.08. He has started 14 games, with 17 total appearances. The best part of his season is that he has only given up 4 HR in 84.2 innings. He also has 103 K's with 29 BB, good for a 3.55 K/BB. He has a nice upside, I expect him to be in AAA by the end of the next season. He could be an ace in a couple of years.

3. Wily Peralta SP A+ - At 21 years old, Peralta has a 4.13 ERA. He has pitched in 18 games, starting 16. In 98 IP, he has struck out 71 and walked 38. He needs a little work on his control. He has a peak of a 3-4 starter, provided he can walk fewer.

4. Amaury Rivas P AA - In 16 starts, he has an ERA of 2.66. While he is 24, Rivas had slowly climbed up in the Brewers organization. I expect him to be moved up to AAA by the end of August. He may also be one of the minor leaguers to make the team in September.

5. Jeremy Jeffress P A+ - Despite his drug problems, Jeffress has great stuff. He was banned for most of the last year for using recreational drugs, it was his second offense. If he fails one more drug tests, he is banned from baseball for life. If he can keep clean, he could be a quality major leaguers starter. Jeffress has a 2.76 ERA in the minor this year in 16.1 innings.

On to tomorrow's game.

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